A Day Out In Copenhagen

Since it’s been getting colder outside, I’ve had to put my dresses away, and instead I’m reaching for heavier and warmer items, such as sweaters and hats.
My go-too look this month has definitely been looking something like this; a nice sweater (I’m particularly a big fan of stripes), a wool coat (even though I’m wearing a denim jacket in these photos), a good pair of boots with a little heel preferably and any hat, really. I happened to wear jeans the day that I shot the photos, but I do think that a nice wool mini skirt looks great and adds more of a feminine touch, which is more my style, if I have to be honest.

The boots I’m wearing are Acne, and they’re definitely one of my go-to pairs in these colder months. Surprisingly they’re really comfortable, even though the materials aren’t super soft and they’re quite easy to walk in.

Before I went to Paris, I bought a few new clothing items to bring along for the trip, and this sweater was one of them. I didn’t end up wearing it, while I was there though, since it was too hot (that’s me in a nutshell, I never check the weather report, before I leave for…anything, really). Fortunately though, I’m getting lots of use out if now. The quality and feel of it is quite nice, and it isn’t itchy (which is great, cause that’s the worst!!).

I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the season.
x Misaki

– I’m wearing:
Faustmann hat
Jack Wills sweater
Dolce and Gabbana denim jacket
Acne Studios jeans
Acne Studios boots


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