Iceland Part 2

I’m finally sharing with you my last blog post of Iceland. It’s been almost two weeks, since getting home to Denmark, and I miss it like crazy. I hope my pictures will make you wanna go to Iceland, because I cannot stress how you much you need to go, if you get the chance to. Anyways, I’m not already gonna get started, on how amazing the country is. There will be plenty of that, if you scroll down.

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This was one of our last days in Iceland. We drove down south to Seljalandsfoss. It’s a huge waterfall that you can actually walk behind, which makes it even more fascinating. My brother and I tried to go behind it, but the ground was covered in ice, so it was way too slippery (and dangerous) to even try. People were constantly falling and sliding around, so we didn’t take any chances. Admiring the waterfall from the ground was more that I could ask for anyway. Not to mention how easy it was to admire this waterfall as suppose to Gullfoss the day before (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my previous blog post here). Once again, my camera lens got wet. I’m honestly surprised that my camera didn’t shut down at that point.

Our next stop was Skogafoss. Yet another waterfall! This beauty took my breath away (and I am not talking about the 370 steps, it took to get to the top, even though that was literally breathtaking as well). I was lucky enough to catch 2 rainbows over the waterfall which was the dreamiest moment of the whole trip. It seriously felt like a dream! My trip to Iceland was full of pinch-me-moments, and this was one of them. I’ve simply never experienced anything like this in my life. Iceland’s beauty is obviously breathtaking, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen, but I had to keep telling myself not to get distracted taking photos all the time. What I love about taking pictures is the idea of capturing the moment, but it was extremely important to me not to get caught up and just thinking about the pictures. When arriving at the first few destinations of the trip, my first thoughts were wow, this is so beautiful, I have to take a picture. Those thoughts later changed to wow, this is so beautiful. I’m really glad, that I took time off to enjoy my surroundings and not spend all of the time with my camera, but rather half of the time if not less.

Next up was the black sand beach near the village Vik. The very first picture I ever saw of Iceland, was of this beach. Experiencing it in real life 2 years later was an amazing feeling, that I can’t describe. This was a must-see destination for me. I kept looking down and feeling amazed, because of the black sand. Most tourists come here, for the sake of seeing the black sand itself, but there are so many other things to see as well. As you can see in the pictures, there are two huge sea stacks that made my mouth drop, as soon I saw them. There’s also a gorgeous cliff, that I didn’t take any pictures of unfortunately. I did get a photo inside though, which is the picture above. The cliff sort of formed a cave, and being in there I felt like I was in a fantasy movie. If you come to Iceland, you need to visit The Black Sand Beach!

The most relaxing part of the trip was visiting the world famous Blue Lagoon, which I visited on the last full day. If you want to visit The Blue Lagoon, I recommend that you book the tickets in advance. If not, you might not get in, since it’s so popular among tourists. A lot of people in my family didn’t want to go, because they thought, it was gonna be packed with people. And it was, but since the lagoon is so big, I didn’t even notice. Everyone was so relaxed and quiet, which made the experience so relaxing.
The lagoon is a natural geo thermal spa with water at around 38 degrees celsius. It was so soothing to lay in the water and getting one last look at the many mountains of Iceland before leaving the next day. There was an in-water bar at the lagoon, where I got a juice (of course). The woman at the bar actually spoke Danish, and so did a woman at the local bakery in Reykjavik. The people in Iceland were all really good at English, but it was nice to be able to speak Danish too. I thought I’d put that in there, in case some fellow Danes were reading. All in all, I’m really happy to have visited The Blue Lagoon, and of course Iceland in general, but I think, I’ve made that pretty clear by now.

To end this off, I wanna say how truly magical and beautiful Iceland is one last time. This trip made me realize how beautiful earth is, and how we need to take better care of it. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly advice you to do so, even if you’re a big city-person like me. The memories that found place in Iceland, are ones that I will always remember, and I am forever grateful, that I got to go. 

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