Iceland Part 1 + video

I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you my trip to Iceland. It was truly the most magical and beautiful place, I’ve ever travelled to. I went with a lot of my family members, which I think is what made the trip even more amazing. We were there for a week over my school Easter break. 

The flight from Copenhagen to Keflavik airport was just a little over 3 hours, but because I didn’t sit by the window, it felt like 5. I get a little anxious, when I don’t sit by the window for some reason. We arrived late at night, and the drive from the airport to the place we stayed took about 40 minutes. We were all quite tired the next day, so we just stayed in Reykjavik for the day. The night before you couldn’t see anything since it was so dark, but when I looked to my left after just taking one step out of the Airbnb, I saw the most amazing view of the sea and snow covered mountains. I think it’s so amazing that in a completely normal capital city, you still have breathtaking scenery. That speaks a lot to Iceland’s natural beauty. I didn’t mind spending the whole day in Reykjavik, even though I was desperate to explore nature. I always felt really safe and calm strolling through the colorful streets. It’s a really small town, so you don’t need to rush to see anything. I fell in love with a bakery called Sandholt, where we bought fresh bread and pastries every morning. They also had my favorite juice bar called Joe & The Juice. I drink juice whenever I get the chance to, so having my favorite juice bar just 3 minutes down the street was…Well it was good for me, not for my credit card. 

In the pictures below you see the Hallgrimskirkja church. It was pretty modern looking and very simple inside, but I was still amazed, because it was so tall! It’s that building, that you can see the top of almost everywhere you go. You could take an elevator to the top and get a 360 view over Reykjavik, but the queue was very long, so we didn’t go.

On our second day we finally got out and explored some nature. Our first stop was Thingvellir National Park. I didn’t get any pictures there, but it was so beautiful.
Our second stop was Geysir. The place to see a geyser in Iceland basically. This was one of those pinch-me moments! It’s definitely cool to see footage of it, but being there and experiencing it in real life, I was in awe. I kept thinking how is this even possible?, every time it bursted out. It was so funny seeing all the tourists waiting by the geyser (for minutes) trying to get that perfect shot. 
In the pictures below it’s not very clear, but that is in fact a geyser bursting out in the background. If you’re interested in some footage of the geyser in action, you can watch my travel video above.

After seeing the geyser, our next destination was Gullfoss waterfall. This was the first waterfall I’ve ever seen, and probably the biggest I’m ever going to see in my life. Trust me when I say this, it was absolutely gigantic. I only got one decent picture since water from the waterfall kept getting on the lens. My camera got wet, even though I was standing so long away from it. Does that give you an idea of how big it is? This was one of the most beautiful experiences ever, but also the coldest. Where do I even begin? When we were at the Thingvellir National Park, the weather was decent. It was a little chilly, but not bothering at all. Then we got to the geyser and it was suddenly very windy. I live in Copenhagen and our winters can be freezing so I’m used to it. But then we got to the waterfall, and I am telling you, I have never felt such cold weather in my life. I was shaking so much and the wind just kept coming in long and strong bursts. My entire body was shaking the rest of the day, but it was worth it, cause I’m never going to experience something like that again. It’s definitely a must if you come to Iceland. Just remember to pack an extra sweater, if you go!

On the drive home from the waterfall we stopped to see Kerið. A volcanic crater lake. I was quite tired and very close to staying in the car, but I’m glad I didn’t, because it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The lake was surrounded by red volcanic rocks and the lake itself was so blue.

Driving on the roads of Iceland, you would see Icelandic horses all of the time. At least on the roads we drove on. It would either be horses, geese, sheeps or sometimes even cows. My love for animals is very strong, so every 20 seconds where I would see a new group of horses, all I wanted to do was stop the car and hug them! I’m not exaggerating when I say, that I would see a new group of horses every 10-20 seconds. They were everywhere, but I sadly only got to meet 3. The last picture pretty much sums up, how happy I was in that moment. Pretty sure that picture was taken right before I said; my life is complete. I’m in Iceland petting ponies. Definitely the best moment of my trip. 


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