It’s The Greatest Time of Year


It’s that time of year again! Going iceskating, wrapping presents, listening to Mariah Carey on repeat (not that I don’t do that all year around). Yes, after a long wait Christmas has finally arrived.
If you follow my Instagram and have watched my stories, you’ll know, that I’ve been waiting for this time of year for months!
And if you follow my snapchat (which i don’t really use anymore), you would know, that I went crazy in the Harrods Christmas department in JULY. Does that get you an idea, of how much I love Christmas?
I’m not exactly sure, on why I love it that much. Well it must be because of the cosiness and spending time with family. Who doesn’t love that?

Yesterday I went to Tivoli. An amusement park located in central Copenhagen and also the most magical place on earth – especially at Christmas time.  I decided to share some pictures in a blog post, and even though they for some reason came out a  little blurry during the importing process, I still think, they really captured how beautiful this place is.
It was a really lovely day, since it wasn’t as packed, as it usually is during the weekends. I spend a very long time just looking and admiring the gorgeous decorations in there. That place has so much to offer, it’s incredible!

Love, Misaki


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