Baby It’s Cold Outside


In Copenhagen the summer was unusually long, but now that autumn has arrived, it hasn’t just been cold – it’s been freezing!
I was lucky, that the sun was out today, when I was shooting the outfit pictures, cause the weather has been really miserable these past couple of weeks. It even snowed the other day! I don’t mind the weather, as long as I’m not freezing. This outfit definitely kept me warm, even though it was 2 degrees outside. The Missoni socks were a great addition to this look, since they added a little something extra, but they also kept my legs from getting cold. Same goes for the scarf, but wouldn’t you wanna wear a scarf in 2 degree weather anyway?

 I mentioned, that it snowed the other day, but it wasn’t a lot. In fact it laid on the ground and stayed there for a couple of hours, but then it was gone again. Hopefully it’s gonna snow again soon, cause I absolutely love it! It reminds me of Christmas and all things cosy. Speaking of Christmas, December is right around the corner. People who know me personally would know that I’m probably one of the craziest Christmas persons ever. What I mean by that, is that I just go crazy with all things christmassy.
I am gonna wait with all the Christmas talk (on the blog at least), until December, since I’ve been told by a large amount of people, that I should keep the Christmas talk down a little.

So let’s focus on autumn while it’s still here, shall we? I don’t have any specific plans for the rest of this month, but I’m sure, it’s gonna go something like this:
Visiting lots of cafes, reading magazines and going for walks as the leaves fall. I’m basically gonna do the things, that I always do but with little changes that comes with the season. What’s your favorite things to do in fall? Whether it’s staying home and watching movies or baking seasonal treats, I encourage everyone to go out and enjoy this beautiful season.

Love, Misaki

Scarf purchased in Dubai
Stine Goya Jacket
H&M Skirt
Missoni Socks
Gucci Bag
Isabel Marant étoile Shoes


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