Big Ben


This is the last look from London and I felt, that it would be very appropriate to take some photos in front of the Big Ben. Even though it was crowded, I still found it pretty fascinating. It was like, I was walking in my own world, when I walked passed everyone. All I could focus on was the stunning architecture. When I visited London last time in 2014, I wasn’t in the same mindset as I am in now. Back then I just saw it as a tourist attraction. But now, it’s much more than that. I’ve really learned to appreciate the beauty in everything, so it was a whole different experience this time. It was really nice seeing London in a different way 2 years later, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city again.

Now! Let’s talk a little about the outfit.
I recently purchased this gorgeous Marc Jacobs cardigan, and I love it. The recent collection from Marc Jacobs has so many great pieces! The details on the cardigan is absolutely stunning. If you look closely, you will pick up on the silver glitter. Not to mention the sequins, which is what caught my attention in the first place. The red accents are such a lovely touch, and the colors all go together so well in my opinion.

Love, Misaki

Dior sunglasses
Marc Jacobs cardigan
Zara shorts
Pico shoes


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