I recently got home from a couple of lovely days in London. It was such a nice little trip spent searching around lots of museums, going for evening walks around Chelsea, and of course…Shopping! It’s London, you have to! My favorite place to go shopping in London(but also my favorite place to go shopping in general), has got to be Harrods. Ever since the very first time I went a few years ago, I was completely amazed, at how huge it was and the fact that they literally have everything! When I went yesterday, they had Christmas decorations. Yes. Christmas decorations in July! A lot of people will say that it’s too early, but in my opinion, Christmas can never be ”too early”. So I might just have bought a few (more like 10) ornaments in there.
I also really like Fortnum & Mason for buying tea and such but also just for an amazing experience, because of how gorgeous it is.
The old school music playing in there always manages to put me in a good mood. The interior and the general feel of Fortnum’s makes me feel like I’m living in the 20’s. I’ve only ever had good experiences shopping there, so I definitely recommend taking a look, if you get the chance to.

As written earlier a lot of the time in London, was spent on little evening walks around Chelsea (South Kensington to be more specific), which is the area we stayed in. It’s definitely my favorite part of the city. As you can see in the pictures, there’s almost no people in the background. Most of them were probably in the shops standing under the aircon, since it was 30 degrees that day. It was actually quite difficult finding an outfit to wear, because I didn’t check the weather, before I packed. That’s why this outfit is super simple, but I figured it would be nice to post an outfit, that everyone will be able to wear on a normal weekday, where you don’t want to dress up.

Love, Misaki

Dior Sunglasses
Zara Blouse
Polo Ralph Lauren Skirt
Pico Flats


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