My First Blog Post


Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post. My name is Misaki and I’m a 13 year old girl living in Copenhagen.

I’m creating this blog out of my love for anything fashion related. I’ve actually been wanting to create a fashion blog for 2 years now – so since I was only 11 years old! When I was 11, my brother introduced me to a few fashion bloggers and after reading a few posts, I felt really inspired.
 I got really interested and was wanting to create my own. It never really turned into anything special though. Even though it was always in the back of my head, it seemed way too complicated.Here I am, 2 years later realizing that it really isn’t that bad. I enjoy taking my time to write and create content as good, as I can possibly make it. Writing and taking pictures is so calming to me, so I really hope, that you will enjoy reading and scrolling through my content. Since getting my first digital camera ages ago, I’ve loved taking pictures and capturing the current moment. Looking back at all the pictures I’ve taken in the past, whether that’s a picture from Christmas Eve or a shot of a cup of tea for an Instagram picture, I love looking back at it to relive that very moment.
Enjoy reading!

Love, Misaki


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    July 27, 2016 / 9:46 am


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